A World Away
General information
Director Mark Blanchard
Genre Drama, Adventure, Coming of Age
Cast Rowan Blanchard Carmen Blanchard Shane Blanchard Landry Bender
Writer TBA
A World Away is a 2015 drama Rowan will star in. The movie is directed by her father Mark Blanchard. The rest of the cast is unknown. It is possible the movie won't happen.


A rebellious teen (Blanchard) wants her broken family back together.

Cast Edit

Rowan Blanchard ... Jessica
Nadine Velazquez ... Lyra
Mary Lynn Rajskub ... Principal Garcia
David DeLuise ... Thomas Landry
Sal Landi ... Arture
Landry Bender ... Zoey
Carmen Blanchard ... Carmen
Frank Lawrence Catania ... Mateo
David Steen ... Kem
Nathaniel J. Potvin ... Henry
Daniel Jenks ... Teddy
Shane Blanchard ... Frankie
Riley Jackson ... Heckler

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